BSS – Boat Safety Scheme Examination and Certificate

BSS – Boat Safety Scheme

Now the boat is complete with the exception of a few minor cosmetic bit, it was time for the BSS (Boat Safety Scheme) examination, this was organised by Black Prince Holidays and carried out by the same person/company as our pre-purchase inspection Tom Keeling of Small Craft services.

As we expected Floydtilla (Chloe) sailed through, so we are now certified until  25th April 2025.

With this complete and the boat insured, we are now ready to get our CRT licence.

Kitchen progress and our special cupboard

After the rush to get the hire boats boat out for the Covid-19 12 April release, our kitchen is now progressing nicely. A few parts are still needed, but it is looking good.

Kitchen surfaces and cupboards
Kitchen surfaces and cupboards

The splash backs and kick boards to go on and maybe a sink? Now you may have noticed that next to were the cooker is going there is a bit of unaccessible space under the work surface, we did not want a cupboard with rotating shelves, they always seem to be a pain and if we made the shelves extend into that space you just fill them with junk you cannot get out. So…

Special cupboard
Special cupboard

… in the dinning area, we have had a new door fitted it give us access to this space. I can see this being used for all the board games and maybe a few extra bottles of wine.

The next upgrade we wanted was a larger 32 inchTV, the old one being moved to the bedroom. The new TV is a Cello C3220 which is little more up to date. The wall mount means it can be stowed against the wall where not in use, and does not take up any space of the cupboard below.

New 32" TV Cello C3220
New 32″ TV Cello C3220

Kitchen Progress

The kitchen on Floydtilla is progressing with the washing machine being in place, still quite a bit of work to complete and with the upcomming hire season starting on the 12th April, there has been a slight delay in finishing our boat.

kitchen progress combined
Kitchen Progress, new cabinets and washing machine fitted

While disappointing, it is very understandable under the circumstances, we understand the need to get the hire boats out with paying customers while they can.